Titans hit the Jackpot with number 6!

Titans hit the Jackpot with number 6!

No one saw it coming. The Tennessee Titans, with the sixth overall pick in the NFL draft, selected a player who was not predicted to be taken until the second round at best. But this is what makes the draft so much fun.

The Titans made a great choice selecting wide receiver Corey Davis from Western Michigan. In a division where teams like the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts boast two of the best wide receivers in the league in DeAndre Hopkins and T.Y. Hilton, respectively, adding a playmaker like Davis will make opposing defenses think twice before stacking the box against running back DeMarco Murray.

Murray had an amazing year last season leading the NFL in rushing yards, but adding another weapon like Davis will only make him better. Quarterback Marcus Mariota now has two very dangerous targets to throw to in addition to tight end Delanie Walker.

It remains to be seen if Davis can live up to his potential and become one of the top receivers in the league, but Titans fans have to be excited about their team’s newest addition. With games against some of the weaker teams in their division (the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens), there is no reason why the Titans cannot compete for a playoff spot this season.

Tennessee Titans rely on lucky number 7 to win

The Tennessee Titans are coming off a bye week and they will be looking to win their seventh game of the season when they host the Indianapolis Colts. This game is important because it will give the Titans a chance to improve their playoff position. The Colts have been playing well this season, but the Titans have been able to beat them in their last three meetings.

The key for the Titans in this game will be to get off to a good start. They can do this by running the ball effectively with Derrick Henry and Marcus Mariota. The Colts have been vulnerable against the run this season, so the Titans should be able to take advantage of that. Mariota has also been playing well lately, so the Colts will need to keep an eye on him.

The Titans defense has also been playing well this season and they will need to continue that trend against the Colts. The Colts have some dangerous players on offense, including Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton, so the Titans defense will need to make sure they are ready for them.

If the Titans can play well offensively and defensively, they should be able to come away with a victory in this game. They will need some luck along the way, but if they can win their seventh game of the season, it will be a big accomplishment.

What do the numbers mean for the Titans?

The Tennessee Titans have the number one overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft. This is a huge opportunity for the Titans to improve their team and get closer to contention. But what do the numbers mean for the Titans?

The first number that is important is five. This is the number of players on the field at one time for each team. The Titans need to decide who they want to select with their number one pick and how they want to use them. There are many different positions on the field, so they will need to carefully consider who will be best for them.

The next number is two hundred and seventy-six million dollars. This is how much money the Titans will have available in free agency this year. They can use this money to sign other players or extend the contracts of their current players. They will need to be careful with how they spend this money, as they still have other needs that must be filled.

The next number is twelve. This is the number of players on each team that are active on game day. The Titans need to make sure that they have enough quality players at all of the positions so that they can compete against other teams. They also need to make sure that they have a deep bench in case of injuries during the season.

The final number is nineteen million dollars. This is how much money the Titans have available in their salary cap for next season. They can use this money to sign new players or extend the contracts of their current players. They will need to be careful with how they spend this money, as they still have other needs that must be filled.

Titans continue their winning streak with number 8

The Tennessee Titans have had an amazing season so far. This week, they are continuing their winning streak with their 8th victory.

Quarterback Marcus Mariota had an incredible game, leading the team to a 47-10 victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. He completed 19 of 29 passes for 295 yards and four touchdowns.

This was the Titans’ most decisive victory of the season so far. They were able to dominate all aspects of the game, leaving the Jaguars scoreless in the first half.

The Titans will now face the Indianapolis Colts in their next game. This matchup is sure to be exciting, as both teams are vying for first place in their division.

Tennessee Titans use number 9 to beat their opponents

The Tennessee Titans football team had its best season in years with help from their lucky number 9. The Titans’ offense was among the league’s best last year, thanks in part to quarterback Marcus Mariota and wide receiver Corey Davis.

Davis had a breakout season in 2018, hauling in 84 catches for 1,433 yards and nine touchdowns. Nine happened to be the number of games Davis played in last season. The former first-round pick also averaged 17.2 yards per reception, tops in the NFL.

Mariota also had a good year, finishing with 3,227 passing yards and 26 touchdowns against just nine interceptions. The fourth-year quarterback also rushed for 375 yards and four scores.

The Titans went 9-7 last year and made it all the way to the divisional round of the playoffs before losing to the New England Patriots. Tennessee will hope to build on that success this season and will look to Davis and Mariota to lead them there.

The number nine has been good to the Titans over the years. They went 9-7 in both 2017 and 2018, their first winning seasons since 2011. They’ve also won nine games in three different seasons (2009, 2016, 2018).

It’s unclear if wearing number nine brings the Titans luck or not, but they sure seem to play better when they have that number on their jerseys. So far this preseason, they’ve beaten the Philadelphia Eagles 24-23 and the New Orleans Saints 27-10 while wearing their lucky number.